Dear colleague,

We would like to share the happiness of regulating the IV. International Caucasus-Central Asia Foreign Trade and Logistics Congress hosted by Adnan Menderes University.  We will be honored to see you at the congress that will be organized at Adnan Menderes University Didim Social Facility on September 7-8, 2018 and we invite you as stakeholder

There are many historical and cultural heritages of Ancient Ionian within the boundaries of Aydin Province which is one of the most important trade centers in history, Our city, which is rich in terms of history and cultural heritage not to be found in any city in Anatolia, is also the center of sea tourism with the most precious coves and coast.Besides, underground water resources and thermal health centers are also one of the distinctive features of the city. The city is also a region that should be visited in terms of especially with agriculture, agricultural industry, health, tourism and geothermal resources

The congress, which was first hosted by Kafkas University in 2015, hosted by Ataturk University in 2016 and hosted by Kastamonu University in 2017. In 2018, the International Caucasus-Central Asia Foreign Trade and Logistics Congress flagship was taken over by Adnan Menderes University and it became possible to  carry out a wide-scale organization once again with domestic and foreign participants

The main theme of our IV. congress hosted by Adnan Menderes University in 2018  have been determined as “Foreign Trade and Logistics in Turkey with Capability of Being a Trade Center and a Trade Route “. Developing our percentage within world trade volume, increasing foreign trade gains, being permanently involved in the world’s largest economies and sustainable foreign trade are our most important goals, In order to achieve a certain position in world trade, which has no economic structure based on natural resources such as oil, natural gas, mineral deposits, it has to adopted a production and foreign trade oriented approach. Turkey, which located in the middle of London-Beijing historic trade routes of important, has serious advantages in the logistics sector located besides showing a development based on the production and export

We also aim to form a possibility of multilateral and deep brain storm by creating a multidisciplinary concept with different subjects, apart from economic, social, political and cultural dimensions in IV. International Caucasus-Central Asia Foreign Trade and Logistics Congress. For this reason, although the congress is based on foreign trade and logistics, there will be paper about related areas such as international relations, foreign policy, history, public administration, business, finance, sociology, tourism.

From the beginning, our congress is not only an organization showed interest by academicians but also by stakeholders of the sector. Our basic aim is  to discuss the problems bringing the theory and practice together and to discuss solutions, so targets to raise awareness by this way.  For this reason, we invite not only participants from universities, but also other stakeholders in the sector.

We would like to express our appreciation to see you for the IV. International Caucasus-Central Asia Foreign Trade and Logistics Congress which will be held at Social Facilities of Adnan Menderes University in Didim District of Aydın Province between 07-08 September 2018.

           Associate Professor. Adem KARAKAŞ

                 Congress President